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Torris J. Butterfield and Associates, P.C.

Family Law Advocates

Torris J. Butterfield and Associates, P.C.

Our experienced team of attorneys here at Torris J. Butterfield and Associates, P.C. are advocates for getting the best resolution for any issues concerning your family. We listen to your concerns and work with you closely to help you achieve the best solution for your family.

You can always be assured that we’ll help to protect your rights and seek benefits to aid you in your life!

Torris J. Butterfield, P.C.

Criminal Defense
& Personal Injury


The Law Office of Torris J. Butterfield and Associates, P.C. handles personal injury and criminal cases at both State and Federal levels for the residents of the State of Georgia. Mr. Butterfield has a successful verdict history and he knows how to achieve the results you need and deserve.

  • Personal Injury Law
    Injured by someone else

    Automobile accidents
    Slip and Fall
    Medical or legal malpractice
    Defective products (product liability).
    Wrongful Death

  • Drug Cases
    Buying, Selling, Trafficking

    Trafficking of Drugs
    Sale of Drugs
    Manufacture of Drugs
    Delivery of Drugs
    Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

  • Federal Crimes
    Fraud, Trafficking, Pornography

    Mortgage Fraud
    Drug Trafficking
    Healthcare Fraud
    Child Pornography
    Immigration Crimes

  • Fraud Offenses
    Credit Card, Mortgage, Isurance

    Mortgage Fraud
    Credit Card Fraud
    Insurance Fraud
    Organized Fraud

  • Misdemeanor Crimes
    DUI, Disordely, Obstruction

    DUI (D.U.I.)
    Disorderly Conduct
    Disorderly Intoxication
    Obstructing Justice
    Resisting Without Violence

  • Felony Crimes
    Battery, Probation, Aggravated

    Probation Violations/Community Control Violations
    Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer
    Resisting With Violence
    Aggravated Battery/Aggravated Assault
    Grand Theft

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Verdicts & Settlements

“Avid Warriors For Virtuous Results”

Attorney Butterfield is a superior personal injury lawyer and he has been successful in recovering substantial verdicts and settlements for his clients. He has obtained nearly $1,000,000.00 (One Million Dollars) in settlements since 2006 alone.

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