Marital Property Division

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As a means of resolving asset division conflicts, we look towards negotiation as a means of resolution, but there are cases where the trial may prove necessary.
No matter what the situation is, the attorneys at our firm are who are willing to go to great lengths to protect our clients’ financial rights.
To protect the rights of our clients’ finances in a divorce, our lawyers prepare each case as if it were to go to trial, even if it doesn’t. To that end, we work closely with clients and, if necessary, with financial experts to value assets. We have extensive knowledge of the financial matters that generally occur during a divorce, including:

  • Evaluations of a client’s business(es).
  • Evaluations of real estate and personal property.
  • Tax implications of assets after divorce.
  • The division of retirement accounts if applicable.
  • And any other complex property division issues.
  • Alimony/Spousal support.
  • Child support.
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