Torris J. Butterfield and Associates, P.C.

Our Firm Handles Personal Injury and Criminal Cases

The Law Office of Torris J. Butterfield and Associates, P.C. handles personal injury and criminal cases at both State and Federal levels for the residents of the State of Georgia. Mr. Butterfield has a successful verdict history and he knows how to achieve the results you need and deserve.

Personal Injury Law

Torris J. Butterfield and Associates, P.C.

If you are injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you can sue the negligent party. You are entitled to lost wages, pain and suffering, and in some cases, punitive damages. Attorney Butterfield handles the following personal injury cases:

Automobile accidents
Slip and Fall
Medical or legal malpractice
Defective products (product liability).
Wrongful Death

In every case, you must prove at least two things, although most lawyers are trained to look for duty, breach, causation, and damages:

You must prove that the accident, or the incident that caused your injury was the other party’s fault.

You must prove that the negligent act caused you injury. The injury may be physical and/or psychological.

If you have been injured, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible, because the statute of limitations for personal injuries depends on your state law. In Georgia, the limit is generally two years from the time you knew, or should have known about the negligence. If you have any questions, send us an e-mail at

Criminal Law

Torris J. Butterfield and Associates, P.C.

Attorney Torris J. Butterfield represents clients in State and Federal criminal cases throughout the State of Georgia. Mr. Butterfield handles the following criminal cases:
Drug Cases
  • Trafficking of Drugs
    Sale of Drugs
    Manufacture of Drugs
    Delivery of Drugs
    Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Federal Crimes
  • Mortgage Fraud
    Drug Trafficking
    Healthcare Fraud
    Child Pornography
    Immigration Crimes

Fraud Offenses
  • Credit Card Fraud
    Mortgage Fraud
    Insurance Fraud
    Organized Fraud

Misdemeanor Crimes
  • DUI (D.U.I.)
    Disorderly Conduct
    Disorderly Intoxication
    Obstructing Justice
    Resisting Without Violence

  • Trespassing
    Petit Theft
    Criminal Mischief
    Assault and Battery / Domestic Violence

  • Stalking
    Prostitution Offenses/Soliciting
    Indecent Exposure
    False Report of a Crime
    Loitering and Prowling

Felony Crimes
  • Probation Violations/Community Control Violations
    Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer
    Resisting With Violence
    Aggravated Battery/Aggravated Assault
    Grand Theft

  • Weapons Offenses/Concealed Firearm
    Uttering a Forged Instrument
    Robbery Offenses
    False Imprisonment/Kidnapping
    Child Abuse or Neglect

  • Sexual Battery
    Lewd and Lascivious Conduct
    Practicing Medicine w/o a License
    Practicing Dentistry w/o a License