Prenuptial Agreements

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Prenuptial Agreement Before You Get Married

Why should you get a prenup?

If done right, a prenuptial agreement offers many benefits to the parties involved. It provides a proactive plan for those going into the marriage.

Prenuptial agreements can provide certainty if any important event takes place during the marriage, such as divorce, one party suddenly becomes disabled, or even is someone wins a lottery.

Couples who are planning to marry should consider getting a prenuptial agreement when:

  • Either party has significant assets;
  • When either one or both parties have children from previous marriages;
  • One person is much wealthier than the other;
  • One person is significantly older than the other;
  • One of the parties owns all or part of a business;
  • One person is bringing a huge amount of debt into the marriage;
  • One person is already retired and needs to protect assets, benefits, and heirlooms;
  • One person will be supporting the other to pursue a degree in a professional field;
  • Either party anticipates a significant inheritance after a loved one passes.
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